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Deborah Weber, PT, MPT, PRPC is a pelvic physical therapy expert and founder of Hawaii Pelvic Therapy in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Deborah received her Bachelor’s in Exercise Sports Science from The University of Florida in 1997, where she was named a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. She then went on to earn her Master's of Physical Therapy from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1999.  After graduation, she completed a Maternal and Child Health Fellowship at UNC-Chapel Hill and later pursued extensive training in Pelvic Therapy and Women’s Health.  After many years of specialization, Deborah achieved her Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification in 2022, the highest level of certification available to practitioners specializing in pelvic health and the first PRPC practitioner in the state of Hawaii.  In addition, Deborah was recently elected as a District Ambassador for the American Physical Therapy Association, Hawaii Chapter in February of 2023 . 


With almost 25 years of experience, Deborah offers a broad set of skills in the areas of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Women’s Health, Acute-Inpatient Care, General Orthopedics, Maternal and Child Health, Neonatal and Pediatric Care, and Private Practice.  She has worked at premier institutes both in Hawaii and on the mainland including Duke University Hospital System, Adventist Health Castle, Hawaii Pacific Health Pali Momi and PT for Women.  Deborah draws on the principles of yoga- and pilates-based therapeutic exercise, as well as her background in competitive endurance sports and exercise science, to design comprehensive rehab programs which help her patients (from pediatrics, peripartum, perimenopause and elite female athletes of all ages) to reach their personal and physical goals.  With Deborah as founder and lead therapist, Hawaii Pelvic Therapy has become a leader in pelvic health, perinatal care and physical therapy for women on Oahu.  When she is not working with patients, Deborah enjoys cycling, running, hiking and spending time with her family of four children.   She also volunteers with Oahu Search and Rescue and leads Girls Ride Hawaii, an all-women’s cycling group on Oahu.

"I conquered my pelvic struggles and  helped hundreds of other women conquer theirs. "

"Do I understand what you're going through? You bet! As a mother of four, I've known my share of fertility challenges, pregnancy aches, bladder leakage, coccyx pain, birth control trials, yeast infections, hormone changes...

And as an advocate for optimal healthcare for women of all ages and in all stages of life, I feel that no pelvic issue should go untreated. Don't feel ashamed or suffer in silence any longer. I have both the skill and experience to guide you through your own pelvic journey and return you to a pelvic-healthy, pain-free life. You've got this!"----Deborah




  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Masters in Physical Therapy

  • University of Florida, B.S. in Exercise Science


  • Duke University Hospitals (NC)

  • Pali Momi Hospital (Oahu)

  • Novant Medical Center (NC)

  • Physical Therapy for Women (NC)

  • Castle Medical Center (Oahu)

  • Hawaii Pelvic Therapy (Oahu)

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