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Founder, Deborah Weber, has over 20 years of education and experience in premier health care institutions, both in Hawaii and on the mainland.  Deborah combines deep experience in multiple disciplines of Physical Therapy with a specialization in Women's Pelvic Therapy to get you back to good pelvic health.

Her clinic is one of the only on Oahu and in the State of Hawaii to specialize solely on pelvic conditions, quickly becoming recognized as the local pelvic expert. 


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Masters in Physical Therapy

  • University of Florida, B.S. in Exercise Science


  • Duke University Hospitals (NC)

  • Pali Momi Hospital (Oahu)

  • Novant Medical Center (NC)

  • Physical Therapy for Women (NC)

  • Castle Medical Center (Oahu)

"I conquered my pelvic struggles and I've helped hundreds of other women conquer theirs. "

"Do I understand what you're going through? You bet! As a mother of four, I've known my share of pregnancy aches, abdominal weakness, bladder leakage, coccyx pain, birth control trials, yeast infections, hormone changes...

And as an advocate for optimal health in women of all ages and stages of life, I feel that no pelvic issue should go untreated. Don't feel ashamed or suffer in silence any longer. I have both the skill and experience to guide you through your own pelvic journey and return you to a pelvic healthy, pain-free life. You've got this!"----Deborah



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