"I had pain in my low back and pelvis for 4 months postpartum, and nothing I tried had helped: rest, physical therapy, osteopathy. Hawaii Pelvic Therapy provided me with exercises that eased the pain after only one consultation." - E. L.

"Deborah is awesome! She helped me with my pains when no other doctor could even tell me what was wrong with me. Today I am pain free! Much thanks Deborah!" - A. S.      

"She was fantastic, empathetic, competent and professional. She also worked with my nine-year-old (daughter) and it was a positive experience for her." - R. B.

"Deborah immediately put me at ease in discussing issues that are very personal and seldom talked about. She has been very helpful to me in dealing with both bowel and bladder problems due to Parkinson's Disease. She is clearly interested in her patients."- Dr. B. E. 

"Deborah helped me 8 weeks after giving birth, when intercourse was painful, and again some months later for pelvic pressure... (both) completely remedied. I have recommended pelvic therapy and Deborah multiple times since then!" - J. P. 


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