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Alien Baby or Diastasis Recti?

Ladies, if your belly looks like this video when your baby is moving (see link below), look for a women's health therapist a.s.a.p. Don't get me wrong, seeing a baby move in the belly... beautiful. Seeing a baby look like it's about to come right through mom's skin, not so much.

This video has been stirring up active imaginations online with people questioning if it's real. Is this an alien baby? No. This is a case of separated abdominal muscles. Is it real? Yes, a diastasis recti is VERY real. Due to the constant and increasing pressure of the abdominal organs and growing uterus on weak muscles, a mother's abdominals can separate to the point where there is only skin and a thin layer of connective tissue between her and her baby. This situation is common, but often undiagnosed and , when left untreated can lead to a multitude of problems including back pain, pubic symphysis separation, incontinence and delayed postpartum recovery. Luckily, most Diastasis are treatable without surgery. Find the right pelvic therapist to help. And, please, don't self prescribe exercises as you can actually make things worse. 

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